A Memorial to Paul Hill

PAUL HILL  1954 - 2003

On July 24, 1994 Paul Hill defended the lives of innocent children by killing a filthy baby killer and his good for nothing body guard.  He acted in accordance to Holy Scripture.

On September 3, 2003 the State of Florida executed Paul Hill.  We will never forget our dear brother or the truths for which he lived and died.

"What those who favor abortion need to fear, and those who oppose abortion need to promote, is a God-given zeal for protecting the unborn."

A brochure has been printed that features many hard-hitting quotes from Paul Hill like the one above.  You may order this brochure for $7.00 per 100 + shipping.  [view brochure as a pdf]

Mr. Hill took opportunity to write a book entitled Mix My Blood with the Blood of the Innocent.  The book can be read online in unedited format, or can be purchased at Amazon.